Athletic innovation backed by science & data.

Simply Put:

Monster Smart Solutions is a North Carolina based technology team producing ground-breaking training systems with a core focus within Verticality, Agility Speed, and Horizontality.

Purpose & Mission

Classified Tech

Monster Smart Solutions is a startup working with unique and innovative concepts which are highly classified. New information is to be publicly announced in the upcoming months.

Sam Wazan


Before joining MSS, Sam worked with clients like Volvo, Monsanto, ConAgra Frozen Foods, International Paper, Decison Support, The Wall Street Journal Office Network and various start ups. In 2000, Sam started an IT services consulting firm, which he sold in 2005.  From 2005 through 2008, he ran a Business Intelligence software company. In 2009 he quested to write a novel to catalyze cultures of peace through understanding and diagloue across ethnic, religious and cultural differences.  The novel hit #1 on Amazon.

Sam earned a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Computer Math & an MBA. 

Matthew Eller


Matthew (Matt) Eller is an early adopter of enabling technologies and best business practices in training and athletic peak performance.  His expertise ranges from having been a competitive collegiate athlete to becoming a business savvy executive.  In his latest quest to pursue elevating athletes to a higher competitive level, he contributed to the founding of Monster Smart Solutions. In this venture, his passion and intellect are channeled into every component in future products.  

Bryan Embrey


He has five years of experience in sports operations and event management. Bryan holds a BA in Sports Management from East Carolina University. He earned a master’s degree in Sports Administration from the University of Miami. Bryan’s background includes work in Minor league baseball with the Class A Affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles Lifetime Fitness Events and the University of Central Florida Athletics program, where he managed events.

Rafael Secundo


He is a seasoned Mechanical Engineer with twelve years of experience in research, design and development. Prior to joining Monster Smart Solutions, he spent nine years various industries such as Aerospace, Life Sciences and Medical Devices. Some of his designs are currently flying in various Boeing and Airbus airplanes. He also has years of experience in Operations and Quality Leadership roles. His time in these areas has provided him a valuable insight into proactive and precision design and manufacturing. Rafael has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from NC State University and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from MIT.

Kathryn Yovanovich


Prior to joinging our team, Katie excelled as a Project Engineer working in Coupling and Fitting Technology at Victaulic, located in Easton, PA. There, she developed and helped commercialized numerous successful, innovative mechanical pipe joining solutions. 

Katie is passionate about mentoring and counseling, especially women, to pursue STEM careers. She has volunteered with the Manufacturer’s Resource Center PA Dream Team, whose mission is to promote the exploration of STEM careers through classroom presentations for middle and high school students. 

Katie won the Technical Contributor Award three consecutive years for her contributions and a recipient of the Fritz-Bedford Innovation Award for creating valuable and customer-focused solutions. Her input lead to the launch of the ground-breaking Innovative Groove System product line, now a preferred method for Fire Protection System construction, globally.

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