Guaranteed-gains through personalized training programs.

Benefits for Athletes:

Custom youth and adult programs

Pre and Post training evaluations to verify gains in VASH (guaranteed gains)

Professional combines & evaluations

Prioritize your training focuses

Complete programs include sport performance, Strength, cardio

Benefits for Parents & Families:

Bundled Pricing: up to 6 profiles under one account

Variety of beginner intermediate, and advanced fitness programs.

Up to 300 Lbs resistance

Easy to move and store

Cost efficient vs fitness classes

True Training Discipline

Verticality, Agility, Speed, Horizontality

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Get a 100% Return on Your Body Movement

Guided warmups, time and repetition based drills, guided rest, sequence of resisted drills based on your athletic test results, and more.

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Perfect Testing

Evaluation & Verification

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Perfect Your Experience

Attachments Included

• Palm Straps
• Ankle Straps
• Hip Flexors
• Waist Belt
• Inseam Belt
• Grip Handles
• Vest

– All customized to your needs.

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